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We at Nueliteinvestors are exited to connect with you and share our newest and most dynamic investment strategies that is making it possible to bring a solid  solution to the investing community, Sellers,Buyers,Investors,Professionals  and needed conditions or life circumstances that warrant a housing change of some measure. We are excited to Present the Opportunity once never a consideration to many investors but a powerful platform to continue our Home Sellers Solutions services. Our  NEITat (Take Action Team) is working to bring aboard Investor partners, Property Scouts and every eagle eye investing team that can Locate ,Evaluate and submit  all the  Vacant & distressed Properties you can find in your Local area,Abandoned and Ugly properties as well. But we will show you how to create a win win for almost any situation fitting this model in the country. We have the Funds and the strategies to take you to the closing table on as many qualified distressed property sellers as you can serve a solution too. Tell them about the  Joy of Serving,The time is RIGHT NOW, Ask us how.   All you have to do is Take Action Today.      Info@Neitat.com   

 Our Primary Focus is: Save a Home ,Keep a Family Together, Become the Solution For many,  No Delay  Start  TODAY !


 NEITaT Multi Team  

 We are setting Launch for our Multi Family / Commercial Shark Team, 2018. We are excited to blend the Team of Network Acquisitions Specialist who do deals ,And Locate them as well. We share Network connects, Buyers Resources, education ,funding and any other process needed to assure swift and solid Cash Flow for the deals. And with 2 Nu Buyers of Multi Family Properties nationally   We are bringing on 20 Elite Investors to Ignite the Process which with full team support will be a major game changer on How Investors pool their Hot deals through this massive network of serious buyers. Join Us get involved  in making a Difference in your live and the Lives of as many Problems seeking solutions properties you can Shark into the Tank.                           To the  NEITaT Multi Team  ,Lets make it Happen, Get started Today !                                  NuEliteInvestors,LLC   DaSharkteam@Gmail.com / 407 796-2773

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