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Nydia H
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When you sign up on Ocontract.com you can upgrade your account for a 90 day FREE TRIAL period.

I highly suggest doing that, and if you are worried about being charged the $29per month after the 90 day period make sure you go into your phone and set up an alarm 89 days from the first day you upgrade your account and set a reminder saying "DOWNGRADE OCONTRACT ACCOUNT BACK TO FREE ACCOUNT...90 DAY TRIAL ALMOST OVER" ...and if you end up loving the upgraded account and are ok with the $29 per month payment then you can just leave it upgraded!

Have a good one!


-Nydia H.

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Site Owner
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Excellent Input Nydia , thank you very much. We can all benefit from that bit of timely information on the use of Ocontract. We appreciate You. God Bless you.  

Bishop  ! 


Isaiah Washington  / CEO 


[email protected]  / 321 775-5783

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Thanks Nydia

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